Expo Hotel


The Expo Group Interior Architecture team decided to utilise the wonderful wood laminates available in Polyrey's Origine collection, particularly those decors with strong personalities such as ‘Teck Massif’ . The finish selected was FA as they felt this would best compliment the teak design and highlight its natural characteristics such as the grain and texture.

The fitting was done to an extremely high standard showcasing the natural beauty of the wood grain; this is most noticeable in the lift area of the ground floor where the laminates horizontal application has created a rhythm and movement in the space.

The Expo Hotel features a new concept of bar and restaurant, the  ‘Stop ‘n’ Rest’, which provides three different atmospheres; a library-bar, snack bar and a restaurant. HPL wood laminates from Polyrey’s origin collection have been used to create a continuous bench along the rear wall, which when combined with the discrete yellow lighting has created a warm, relaxed and cosy atmosphere. In the library area the white light highlights the grain and wood tones of Polyrey’s Tecka Massif.