Médiathèque Odyssée - Lyon


Combining decors « Rose Bougainvillée » (Pink Bougainvillea), « Aubergine » (Eggplant) and « Pomme Verte » (Green Apple), selected amongst the rich shades of its latest Collection 2017, Polyrey was able to create within the walls of the Odyssey Media Library a stimulating environment where learning is synonymous with well-being.

Caroline d’Autryve, the interior designer for the agency « Espace Contemporain » (Contemporary Space), played with shapes and colours to create fun furniture and give this space dedicated to children a highly colourful atmosphere and vibrant energy. The fresh and fruity tones are offset by dark and metallic shades, thus allowing to delineate the areas for relaxation and work.

The concept, by maximising the use of curved lines, explored the bending capabilities of HPLs, which gave the space layout its softness.