Montrose Sports Centre


Specified by Dundee-based fabrication company Lam-Art, 700m2 of durable Polyrey compact solid grade laminate in a variety of complementary colourways now covers the cubicle and locker areas at Montrose. Grey M001 Maryland Clair can be found adorning the ends of the locker units, with its contemporary grey mineral finish creating a striking contrast with the dark blue C018 Chardon and light blue B048 Bleu Oslo laminates that now cover the cubicle and locker doors. Two grey shades, G028 Gris Flanelle and G003 Gris Perle, were chosen for the cubicle compartments and provide a toned-down look.

Composed of several layers of kraft paper and with two decorative faces impregnated with thermosetting resins, these compact solid grade laminates are particularly suited to high humidity environments such as swimming pool changing rooms thanks to inherent moisture resistance. Treated with Sanitized® antibacterial protection, this type of surface also helps to facilitate a more hygienic environment.

170m2 of the thinner Polyrey high pressure laminate in the same M001 Maryland Clair, C018 Chardon, B048 Bleu Oslo colourways, as well as the dark mineral-look M003 Maryland Foncé were also chosen to provide a resilient surface for other areas within the changing rooms, including access doors. Again providing water resistance, antibacterial protection and high levels of durability, the high pressure laminate surfaces were specified in the same refined FA matt finish that is smooth to the touch as the compact laminates to ensure a uniform look.

“The compact and high pressure laminates were selected from Polyrey largely due to their large sheet sizes,” comments Derek Campbell, director, Lam-Art. “The sheets achieved the cubicle depth and height without requiring joining, making the fabrication process far more efficient. The mix of colours ensures that the changing facilities retain a stylish look, and both types of laminate surfacing provide the required impact resistance that is demanded of high-traffic environments.”