nature chic

With a natural chic style, plain colour Cactée emphasizes the beauty of the wooden décor, ‘Nooor Interior Architecture’ aimed at creating a contemporary yet distinguished living room, where people may relax and enjoy their company. 

The wall covering and niches are made with high pressure laminate ( HPL) laminate panels. The Cactée C094 décor is employed on all the panels for wall covering. The softness of this plain colour décor from the Color Papago Collection emphasizes the wooden Noyer Vénitien decor, exalted by the lighting effects of the boxes. The Noyer Vénitien N027 decor is also used for the worktop and  cupboards on the other side of the room to create a more relaxing working space.  

The several wall storage units enhance the space and provide the room with brightness and sophistication when cupboard doors are closed. The ease of use of HPL  panels and the wide choice of decors from the Polyrey collection enables architects to create a space which is both elegant and functional. 

  • Architect: NOOOR Interior Architecture
  • Fitting: PMM Décoration