Cardiff student union


For a large-scale architectural project such as the refit of the main communal area of a busy university, bustling with day-to-day activities of students and university staff, designers needing innovative surfaces rely on materials to offer design flexibility, durability and most importantly a highly attractive finish and style. When the award winning GMP Design team were tasked with the overhaul of Cardiff University Students’ Union, they looked to Polyrey laminates to provide hardwearing, stylish surfacing solutions to realise their creative vision.

Available in range of inspirational surface finishes, Collection 2017 offers a variety of appealing textures to achieve almost any effect and style. For a bright and welcoming look at the Union, the highly polished glass-like finish from the Color Gloss collection was paired with the calm aqua tones of Aigue Marine A014 forming the walls of the illuminated media tunnel.  For a striking visual the combination was neatly outlined with canopy, doors and skirting in the brilliance of orange Florida F001. 

With an enduring finish thanks to high resistance to abrasion, cracks, moisture and scratches; the concealed beauty of Polyrey high pressure laminates is in their design flexibility.  Suitable for both horizontal and vertical applications, the surfaces can also be fitted and manipulated by cold bending as well as post-formed with heat so the only limit to their use lies with the imagination of the designer or architect.  

Continuing throughout the building, Polyrey laminates found a home in a wide range of areas; including the brilliant white Strass Blanc S030 providing antibacterial Sanitized® grade kitchen tops, an eye-catching, curved information desk in Émeraude E026 and the zinging lime of Pomme Verte P092 forming zesty bright doors in the bathroom facilities.

 “As a large and complex project, at Cardiff University Students’ Union we had a wide variety of areas which demanded functional yet attractive surface solutions,” comments Jason Robinson, Designer at GMP Design. “Thanks to the versatility of the decors, we specified Polyrey laminates for many different uses ranging from a feature media tunnel and information walls through to worktops of the student advice desks and bathroom vanity units. The bold colours available from Collection 2017 have helped to create a thoroughly modern and stimulating environment well suited to the needs of the main communal area of this thriving university”.