Polyrey is committed to designing and developing healthier and greener laminated panels to enable its customers and end users to benefit fully from its natural resource and environmental conservation policy.

At the heart of its Polygreen sustainable development approach, Polyrey is actively engaged in reducing the impact of its activities on the environment throughout all stages of the manufacturing process and life cycle of its products: energy saving, waste reduction, water conservation, indoor air quality enhancement.

Polyrey measured the environmental impact of its products and is working to reduce it from the production to the processing stages of all its new products by using an assessment model called ‘Life Cycle Assessment’ (LCA) which focuses on the following elements: carbon footprint, greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, water recycling, waste recovery, etc

Polyrey favours sustainably managed raw materials, having set up PEFC and FSC® certified chains of custody to ensure traceability of timber throughout the supply chain, from the harvesting to the finished product. No non-compliant materials can enter the manufacturing process.

Both Polyrey’s manufacturing sites are ISO14001 certified (ISO4001 being the European Environmental Management System standard).

Always at the forefront of innovation, Polyrey offers healthier products: reduced formaldehyde emission rate, low VOCs (A), food safe surfaces and Sanitized® antibacterial treatment.


Find a list of Polyrey’s various commitments to environmental protection in our brochure