The HQE® (High Environmental Quality) approach is a set of voluntary practices aimed at managing the environmental quality, whose objective is twofold: to improve the health and comfort of building occupants and to limit the impact on the environment. The HQE certification, issued by a third party, CERTIVEA, confirms compliance with a specific certification and the implementation of an Environmental Management System (EMS).

Such approach targets all project phases, ie: design, construction, operation and decommissioning of a building and involves the integration of environmental requirements into the project. The client defines levels of performance and is committed to empowering all the project stakeholders to achieve them. Such step includes, in particular, the selection of products.

The HQE approach defines 14 environmental targets grouped into four areas: Eco-construction, Eco-management, Comfort and Health. The 14 targets are broken down into 38 sub-targets and 147 concerns, and are all evaluated according to three levels (Basic, Efficient and Highly Efficient).

The Polyrey laminates used as decorative surfaces in interior fitting and furniture, door, partition wall and worktop applications, as the main component, can help meet the HQE construction certification targets:

Target 2: Integrated choice of products, systems and processes

  • 2.1.1 Specifications tested and compatible with end use
  • 2.1.2 Sustainability and longevity of the construction project  
  • 2.2.2 Serviceability, limiting the environmental impact
  • 2.3.1 Knowledge of the environmental impact of products
  • 2.3.3 Use of low-emitting materials (France)
  • 2.3.4 Use of a minimum volume of timber
  • 2.4.1 Knowledge of the health impacts of products

Target 12: Hygiene and cleanliness of interior spaces

  • 12.2.3 Selection of materials limiting bacterial growth

Target 13: Air quality

  • 13.2.2 Knowledge of the health impacts on the indoor air quality
  • 13.2.3 Selection of products limiting health impacts of indoor air quality