ISO 14001



Because we want a sustainable world, we pledge to understand and minimise our impact on the environment. We have developed a method for assessing the environmental aspects associated with our activities in order to identify all their impacts on the environment. All our manufacturing sites are ISO 14001 certified.

We focus our investments on sustainable practices in the following areas:


For over 10 years, we have worked on finding treatment channels for our production waste. Today, 75% of our waste is converted into energy to power our production machinery or recycled (metal, paper, plaster). But because we know that the best way to deal with waste remains not to produce it in the first place, we strive to reduce the amount of waste we produce.


Polyrey is continually striving to improve the efficiency of its proccesses by reducing its water consumption. For instance, the consumption of water from the Dordogne river adjacent to the Couze factory has been reduced by a factor of 10 over the last 15 years. Polyrey monitors the quality of its wastewater on a daily basis. For all check points (volume, temperature, pH, etc.), Polyrey exceeds the requirements of the DREAL (Regional Department for the Environment, Planning and Housing). Over the last 10 years, nitrogenous waste has been reduced by a factor of 19 and the phenol index by a factor of 24. Finally, the company promotes the recycling of wastewater in its manufacturing process in order to better preserve water resources.


We carry out quantitative studies of health risks by measuring the emissions of air pollutants around our coastal manufacturing sites, where no trace of phenol or formaldehyde has been detected so far. We minimise the health impact of our waste through the implementation of special processing equipment (thermal oxidizer type for VOCs). Thanks to those methods, 90% of VOCs generated by our activities are destroyed.


We implement ambitious and highly technical programmes in our production processes in order to save energy on our manufacturing sites. No fewer than 110 measures have been or are to be taken in the coming months: modification of press settings, hot air recovery for heating, lighting optimisation, etc. Such efforts have enabled us to save more than 4,400 MWh in 2012, equivalent to the average consumption of 700 homes per year and 1,300 t of CO2.

The entire Polyrey staff is trained to lessen our environmental impact and prevent environmental incidents and follows those principles in their daily tasks.

Download Polyrey’s ISO 14001 certificate