PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) is the symbol of sustainable, serious and responsible forest management. The PEFC certification establishes criteria for sustainable forest management that are more stringent than the national regulatory requirements, in accordance with international standards, and ensures their enforcement. The PEFC label thus guarantees to our consumers that the woods used in the products they are purchasing have been sourced from sustainably managed forests. Sustainable forest management can reduce deforestation and over-exploitation of forests while making sure current needs are still being met. The main objective of the PEFC is to improve and conserve forest resources, biodiversity and to maintain the vitality of the forest ecosystems. Certified timber is wood that has received a certificate from an independent organisation meeting standards of responsible forest management.

Polyrey has been PEFC-certified by the FCBA, an independent sustainable and environmental management organisation. Since 2003, Polyrey has pioneered the establishment of a PEFC™-certified chain of custody for wood based products. The PEFC™ chain of custody certification is awarded to companies that can track and document the certified material throughout the entire manufacturing process, from the forest to the consumer, including all subsequent stages of procurement, processing, manufacturing, distribution and sale of certified goods.

Today, all Polyrey HPLs, Compact (solid grade) Laminates and Melamine-faced Panels are PEFC-certified*, a guarantee for our customers and consumers that the products they are purchasing have been made from wood sourced from sustainably managed forests and contribute to green construction. A certified material is a material coming from a certified company that meets specific environmental, social or economic requirements.

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*HPL and Compact products contain a minimum of 50% PEFC-certified material  Polyprey, Panoprey and Polyform products contain a minimum of 90% PEFC-certified material