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Building on its success with over 2.8 million m² sold since its launch in 2013, the Polyrey washroom cubicle range is introducing its PREMIER version to shake up an all too dull market.

Based on the success of the Polyrey PREMIER label, as well as on analyses of the highly competitive existing offering, Washroom PREMIER was developed in order to cleverly complete the classic washroom range and bring flexibility and innovation to the existing HPL range. This new offering will help Polyrey  to answer to the needs of a more elite customer base working on top-of-the range projects.

Three atmospheres makeup the range:

Intrinsic, based on natural tones and effects such as wood or marble, which give a certain warmth to the range

Infinite evokes more high tech and futuristic atmospheres thanks to pearlescent decors and material effects such as carbon.

Interlace, lastly, is composed with more geometric and linear designs, drawing inspiration from both English fabrics and oriental decoration.

This new, 100% HPL offering that is ideal for cubicle doors or back panels, is composed of 14 decors on classic printed paper and 4 digital decors (integrated in the Polyrey Signature process) customised for Polyrey, all anti-bacterial as standard. The 3 finishes of the range (Gloss, extramatt and ant finger print TOUCH) bring innovation to the cubicle market and are already much-anticipated. The two Washroom 2017 and Washroom PREMIER collections were designed to be both complementary and independent of each other in order to increase reputation and market share. Despite being two distinct tools, careful attention was brought to the synergies and combinations so that the new range would not cannibalise the existing one. In addition to Polyrey’s usual services, particular emphasis will be placed on the availability on site of BIM objects in the range representing a true market advantage over the competition.