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A few words on what’s new at Polyrey.

Touch : Only Sensations remain


3 anti-fingerprint surfaces with a silky smooth effect, two of which are textured: Touch Roche with a dented effect and Touch Linimat with a lined effect.


Available for:

  • Acrylic panels
  • High pressure laminate (HPL)
  • Compact high pressure laminate
  • HPL bonded board panels


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Polyrey is extending its original Touch finish (matt, silky effect) to its Panoprey® range, on acrylic panels.

In addition to the Touch finish properties, the MDF surfaced chipboard substrate provides quality performance for ease of fitting.  


  • +60% Impact resistance
  • +40% Withdrawal resistance
  • +30% Bending strength
  • High-quality of assembling and of finishing


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Anti-fingerprint Tungstène decor​.


The Pur Métal HPL range now includes a new decor with the technical properties of the Touch finish. 

The Touch technology preserves the aspect of the Tungstène decor, made with real sheets of tungsten.


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Open the potential of your outdoor fittings​ !


With a choice of 33 decors and 3 finishes suitable for use in outdoor conditions (resistant to UV rays, poor weather conditions, ice and snow), Reysipur® compact high pressure laminate is perfect for tables in cafes and restaurants, garden furniture and urban development projects. 


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