DEAU’s exhibition Vinexpo


DEAU was looking at using its booth at the international Vinexpo fair in Bordeaux to showcase its higher end products. Therefore, a very chic layout was designed in a cozy atmosphere where the intensity of the black textured Monochrom decor was brought into the limelight to give the space its elegance and refinement.

The contrasting black-and-white shades, together with the use of lighting and little holes pierced in the material, played around with light and shadows to produce a luxurious and intimate setting where the beauty of the showcased products could be enhanced.

Such artistic and creative design work was made possible by the superior aesthetic and technical properties of Monochrom HPL. Its deep dyed treatment enhances the depth of « Noir Absolu » and allows for optimum edge finishing, creating a contemporary ‘one-piece’ effect as a result.