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Outdoor Furniture

Open up perspectives on your outdoor spaces

With Reysipur®, a resistant, rot-proof, designer product, Polyrey accompanies you from the application to the daily use of your outdoor furniture.



An offer dedicated to outdoor design

Featuring a selection of 33 decors adapted to outdoor conditions, the Reysipur® Compact HPL range can be used for creating living spaces. 


Furniture for cafés, restaurants, public or private terraces, gardens, parks or even urban developments benefit from a range of resistance properties (weather, frost, snow, etc.)


The decorative selection of Outdoor Furniture can be extended to interior fittings. The possibilities within these spaces are endless and the indoor/outdoor perspectives intertwine for harmonious designs.


One product, many applications


Reysipur® allows you to create any type of outdoor furniture, including square or round bistro-style tables, but also large tables, whether rectangular or oval. The possibilities are endless: garden tables, picnic tables, even coffee tables.


Reysipur® can also be used to make other types of furniture such as benches or screens. The increased resistance properties of the compact means it is also suitable for baskets or planters.

One product, many performances
Low UV ageing
Suitable for  
food contact
 Easy to clean 
Anti mould /
Anti fungus
 Abrasion resistant
Scratch resistant 
Heat resistant
up to 180°C
Resistant to
cigarette burns
Ultra-design finishes for a very high-end rendering.

Outdoor Furniture is available in three finishes: FA, ROCHE and LINIMAT.


FA is a refined satin eggshell, soft to touch, radiating purity and discretion.


ROCHE is an uneven texture with hints of natural stone or hammered metal combined with a matt finish that creates a surprising depth.


LINIMAT is a lined and matt finish that adds character and a contemporary feel to the different varieties of wood.