Terrassa Hospital


The use of different coloured paths marked on the floor to help patients and visitors navigate the facility was already being used by the hospital prior to the renovation however the project architect, Isabel Pascual from ‘FIP Arquitectes’ took this concept much further, most noticeably in the Outpatients Area by using structural elements like the compact phenolic and the broad range of colours offered, to distinguish the different consultation areas. At the hall entrance a map explains the colours corresponding to each consultation area and medical speciality, enabling patients and visitors to find their way.

Compact and HPL manufactured by Polyrey were used widely throughout the entire project; in the Admission wards, ICU, Operating Theatres, Emergencies Unit, Outpatient Unit, Day Surgery, Laboratory, etc., applied as: coatings, doors, furniture, counters …

Many different colours were used in the hospital areas: Lavande, Tilleull, Pamplemousse, Rose Tendre, Pistache, Blanc, Mousse…. In fact walking the many corridors and visiting many of the areas within Hospital de Terrassa is like exploring the paint map in the Polyrey Papago.

Architect : FIP Arquitectes, Barcelona