• The "Mineral" Collection follows the general market trend and translates the current craze for raw materials and industrial designs. It offers a wide range of creative options through 24 strikingly realistic decors, which can all be used in wallcovering, countertop/worktop or cabinet front applications.
  • Inspired by the current "workshop loft" trend, the Concrete (b├ęton) finish comes in various shades and textures. Equally as popular, the Slate (ardoise) finish is enhanced by the Rock (roche) texture, which adds to the raw appeal of quarry stone. Sand and granite textures are revisited to provide elegance and refinement to the interior design.
  • If greys remain ever present, their patinas take on oxidised tones which warm up the minimalist look and blur the lines between outdoor and indoor spaces, thus allowing osmosis between the two.
  • The 24 decors from the "Metallic" Collection, offered in rough and sleek styles, with a hip urban or luxurious feel, will fit all your design projects.
  • Playing on texture and light, the metallic effects come in various colours and surface finishes. The Silver takes on a high-tech look, enhanced by a brushed iridescent finish while the Copper takes a variety of forms, from a rough rust finish for an industrial look to a more vibrant and bright sheen for a luxurious and glamourous style.
  • The new portfolio also includes pearlescent solids, which reach their full potential when combined with the "Surf", "BRIHG" and "Alliage" textures. They bring a touch of sparkle to the interiors and are ideal for retailers and upscale boutiques.
    li>The "Expression" Collection gives free rein to the imagination. This palette of semi-solids with tone-on-tone effects includes 32 original designs offered with a wide variety of exclusive decorative effects.
  • Textiles and Leathers come in muted and cosy colours for a refined and comfortable atmosphere. The "Extramat" texture further heightens the authenticity of these decors and gives them a natural feel.
  • The coating effects and graphic designs soften the colour block styles. Lines, arabesques and geometric patterns infuse solid color surfaces with rhythm to create harmony.
  • Manufactured using real metal foils, Pur Metal offers a sophisticated and contemporary decorative effect.
  • Brushed, glossy or matt aluminum gives a feeling of quality that enhances furniture and partitions.
  • From gold and copper to the purity of aluminium, Pur Metal is available in a wide range of metallic colours, offering you creative freedom.